Daniel Nisbet

NOS Energy Drink

It’s not often a college capstone project turns into a nationwide motorsports brand, but in 2007, that’s exactly what happened when I submitted my graduation proposal.

Alongside my studies, I had began a working relationship with CM2 Concepts (that still lasts to this day) designing race cars for American motor racing series like NASCAR and IndyCar. Inspired by the work I was doing there, and a fan of NOS Energy Drink helping me get through many nights of studying, I created a fictional livery for a NOS-sponsored NASCAR team.

As fate would have it, NOS Energy Drink was looking to actually sponsor a team and in early 2008, announced a partnership with driver Kyle Busch. CM2’s existing relationship with the brand was all that was needed to align the stars. Six months after presenting my project for graduation, it became a reality on the NASCAR Nationwide Series tour and quickly made a home in victory lane on a regular basis.

The livery design was extended to other points of activation, including SUV’s, show car trailers, and a race car hauler.

My story was featured in a number of interviews and articles, including the Minnesota State University Moorhead Alumnews Fall 2009 issue.