Daniel Nisbet

Rydell Cars Zamboni

Rydell Cars approached me during a hockey off-season with a unique project. For years, they sponsored a Zamboni for a Division I collegiate hockey team. The design wasn’t moving in the direction they wanted anymore, and they wanted something to encompass more of what the company itself was about.

In more recent years, the Zamboni has become a beacon of creativity at hockey arenas across the nation, from amateur to professional play. The shape of the hood has been changed to work like a shopping basket, dump truck, and a variety of other quirky ideas. With this in mind, I felt the best thing for this project was to employ as much as I could to make it look like a car.

The dealership located near the arena for this Zamboni was primarily known for its roots in Chevrolet. With this in mind, I chose one of my personal favorite Chevy’s: the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette. I went full-steam ahead with a beautiful bright red base color and brought the iconic white swoosh below, using a chrome border to separate it from the red. The RydellCars.com logo found its way to the upper half, where fans could easily see and identify it. Below, in the white swoosh, smaller logos were added to list out the manufacturers available through the dealership.

The part we were all the most proud of though, was the custom-made white wall tires with the 1953 Vette-inspired rims. They were special ordered just in time for the start of the hockey season and finished off the Zamboni in a great, memorable way.