Daniel Nisbet


In 2019, before things like “lock down” and “virtual event” became common lexicon, a small group of friends and I were confident that the type design community needed to embrace the global nature of our industry with an online-only conference.

No one could have predicted at the time, that 2020 would see almost all conferences go virtual, but TypeWknd found itself in the right place at the right time.

Along with my co-founders, we oversaw a group of volunteers transform an idea into a conference that saw over 15,000+ virtual attendees and providing a unique opportunity for global networking and relationship-building amidst the pandemic.

I oversaw the creative direction of the TypeWknd brand and managed a small team of designers to create the logo, brand standards, the conference website, video editing, and over 40 hours of live event production in four days.

Supported by many major names in the design and typography industries, TypeWknd has been host to one of the most diverse type design conferences with speakers from numerous countries, backgrounds, and languages who share their knowledge, love, and support for all things type and lettering.