Daniel Nisbet

Momentum of Milwaukee

My work with Momentum of Milwaukee started with the website and eventually led to a logo re-design. Nicole needed a big upgrade to her website that could keep up with the initial growth her business was experiencing. The focus needed to include Momentum’s runner coaching services as well as a way for potential clients to easily reach out and learn more, or begin working with a trainer.

The home page took the largest facelift, with a new hero spot highlighting the services and what Momentum of Milwaukee can do for its clients. Underneath, a quick glance allows visitors to see upcoming events and classes, testimonials from happy clients, and a quick, easy way to sign up for a newsletter.

After a few years, we turned our attention back to the logo. The initial logo was designed to encompass the wide variety of coaching services Nicole started out with, but it was becoming more clear that running was the primary focus and niche she was after. Since so many athletic logos tend to look the same, we opted along the route of something more illustrative and expressive. With that in mind, a new logo in the shape of a shoe print was designed. For larger applications, we turned it into a finish line with a runner crossing it.