Daniel Nisbet

Bud Pavilion

My work with the Budweiser Pavilion started out with a brand refresh. Budweiser had just released an update to their famous bow-tie logo and the Pavilion was looking to upgrade theirs to include it.

I used the architecture of the building as a point of inspiration. A large red dome with supports and a lit Bud Light sign was the inspiration for the entire logo. Immediately recognizable, even if fans don’t see the Budweiser bow-tie right away, the shape easily clues them into who it is.

With the new logo out of the way, the project expanded to include a complete redesign and overhaul of the website. The new updates included a much easier way for staff to manage concerts, bands and charities. A fresh design and layout was also brought to the table helping fans easily look up concert dates, photos, and more information about the facilities.