I value your privacy — and I really mean that when I say it. That’s why I explicitly collect as little information as I possibly can about anyone who visits this website.

Visitor Tracking

The only way I collect metrics is through Fathom analytics. From their data policy:

  1. Fathom truly anonymizes visitors through complex hashes, making it possible to track unique visits in the most privacy-focused manor.
  2. Fathom does not use cookies to store anything, so cookie notices on your website are not required if you use our software.
  3. Fathom is fully GDPR and E‑Privacy (including PECR) complaint and will continue to comply with any rule, law or regulation that protects consumer privacy online.

Basically: I don’t care what you had for breakfast, what you’re shopping for on Amazon, or what pages you like on Facebook. What I do care about is which pages on my website are performing well and which ones aren’t. Basic numbers without anyone’s identity attached through it works just fine.


If you choose to sign up for my newsletter, I will only collect your email address. Otherwise you’d have no hope of ever receiving it. I use MailChimp as my platform and do my best to keep it up to date with the best privacy standards they can provide including GDPR compliance for everyone.

Social Sharing

You may see social media sharing buttons on some pages of my website. These are plain links that direct you to the relevant social media sharing platform. I do not include or embed any of their script-ridden sharing buttons that track you. I can’t guarantee that the plain links I do provide do not, but it seems to be the best solution I know about at this time.