What’s in my toolbox of design resources?

As your design career progresses, you’ll find a variety of resources that allow you to do better, quicker, and more efficient work. As this begins to grow, you begin to rely on it more and more.

When you’re starting out, it can be difficult figuring out where to go to build up your library of resources. So here’s my list of resources!


I’m starting with my favorite: fonts. Truth be told, I buy more fonts than I need. It’s a guilty pleasure. I subscribe to a number of font foundry newsletters and get shiny object syndrome weekly. But I have three places I consistently go back to.


DesignCuts offers bundles, but their font bundles are really the best. Monotype and Linotype have done a great job including some of their classics lately and they’re a deal at $30 – 40 US dollars. I’ve been able to snag typefaces like Franklin Gothic, Eurostile, and more for a bargain price.


Subscribe to their newsletter! New fonts typically have awesome sales, marking down from 50 – 75% and up.

Creative Market

A great place to look if you’re not looking for a sale or budget is a concern. You can support a lot of awesome, smaller foundaries and still get a great quality typeface.


Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers has been my go to for many years. They’ve been around for quite a while and have amassed a great resource. They stand above the popular UI color websites with a lot more variety and off-the-beaten-path palettes.

Brand Guides

I love collecting brand guides, but I honestly don’t have a go-to website for them. They’re mostly gathered through blog posts or someone who is nice enough to share a PDF online.

Brand New

Run by UnderConsideration, they do a great job of reviewing new brands. It’s a good resource to see how other designers are solving problems and building brands. It goes above and beyond the I like it” or I hate it.”


Yellow Images

I like mocking my design up as close to the final thing as I can get. It’s not always possible to create an actual, physical product and that means I need to rely on good 3D mockups. Yellow Images is a great resource. It’s a bit on the spendy side, but the investment is well worth it.




From Up North



The Dieline

I don’t tend to dive deep into web or UI inspiration. Typically, I look more toward things like packaging, logo/​brand, print design, and more. Collectively, these sites do a great job of giving me a wide swath of inspiration without specializing too much.

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